Hotel Argentina

A story of Italian passion

«Paraggi, non ti si può raccontare. Si possono solo guardare i tuoi colori, quelli del mare, dei pini, degli ulivi, mentre il vento rileva le cangianti sfumature del cielo. Si può solo ricordare parlarne con chi ha lo stesso amore di questi luoghi.»

Guido Loero
Originally a small place of lodging for fishermen and millers, today it is a Boutique Hotel in the renowned seaside resort with crystal-clear green waters, offering high-end accommodations and trendy clubs.

The building that now houses the Hotel Argentina was one of the many local fishermen’s houses with an adjoining shelter for boats.
Around 1930, Signora Argentina, the historical owner of the building, had the intuition to meet the emerging tourist demand by setting up a small inn for visitors.

As the demand for hospitality grew in the following years, she decided to turn the inn into a hotel.

Hotel Argentina today

In recent years, the Hotel Argentina’s new management decided to combine the most modern comforts with the traditional family hospitality of an inn. Twelve completely different rooms with a prestigious suite and its panoramic terrace. A simple and refined atmosphere that makes guests feel at home, even if they are far away from home.

Paraggi and surroundings

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